31st July 2023

So, the first week of the ‘diet’ had gone pretty well. First taste of protein shakes and other high protein foods. The first seven days had seen a weight loss of 1.9kg (4lbs). Not a bad start.

I’ve now invested in some new scales – Withings Body Scan “connected health station” – that measure pretty much everything. Body Scan delivers precise weight, segmental body composition and heart health with 6-lead ECG and Vascular Age. Plus, exclusive technology that can assess nerve activity.

Coach Ken (I will introduce Ken properly shortly) had started talking to me about calories and macros. Now I knew what calories were but macros? Nope, not come across those before. Well it turns out that I have… Protein, Fat and Carbs.

Coach Ken also introduced me to Scott Baptie and his “Food for Fitness” recipes, more specifically his high protein slow cooker recipes. Scott who? Scott was an IT Project Manager in 2010, into fitness and blogging about meal plans and receipes. By 2012 he found himself on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. In 2015 he went back to uni to study for a MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition before launching his website, cookbooks and app from 2022.

Armed with a shopping list of ingredients… chicken, celery, pineapple, paprika… first into the slow cooker today was Caribbean Chicken.

Pretty straight forward to prep, 6 hours to cook and the end result was a triumph.

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