Another weekend where Matty the PT was going to join me at ParkRun but was unable to as he had to work at Ribby Hall. I think his next opportunity to join me will be on the 29th June, Fingers crossed!

My Garmin is ready and raring to go – Course is set. Goal time set. Parked up in the Blackpool Sports Centre car park, and the familiar walk to the Clock Tower. Despite this being recorded as my 15th ParkRun it is actually my 16th start as back on 25 November I had to drop out after just one lap due to calf issues and so that was never recorded by ParkRun.

This week, for the 306th Blackpool ParkRun, there were 246 starters and at 9.04am we were off again.

The very familiar route that takes us out of the park and then back in through the woodland section, around the lake, up our ever so slight hill up to the pavilion before looping back again for a second lap and finisihing on the pavilion straight.

My Garmin GPS Heat Maps are heating up week on week.

ParkRun Blackpool 15th June 2024
15th June
ParkRun Blackpool 8th June 2024
8th June
ParkRun Blackpool 1st June 2024
1st June

Following on from last weeks’ Personal Best taking me below 30 minutes, I had set a goal of 29 minutes this week. I knew my pace was good throughout the run and was feeling pretty confident as I crossed the finish line.

My unofficial time, on my watch, was 28 mins 59 secs. Yep, I had ‘unofficially’ done it and was under 29 minutes, for the first time. Now, I had to wait for the official times to be published on the website.

Yay! A confirmed personal best… 28 mins 56 secs.
Another 42 seconds wiped off my time. And my age grading increasing to 53.57%. Another good day in the park.

My Garmin watch records a plethora of performance metrics.

One of the most interesting metrics relating to my training is my Endurance Score – which has increased to 5233 with today performance. That gives me a rating of ‘Trained’.

  • Elite – 7,300 and above
  • Superior – 6,800 – 7,299
  • Expert – 6,200 – 6,799
  • Well-trained – 5,700 – 6,199
  • Trained – 5,100 – 5,699
  • Intermediate – 4,600 – 5,099
  • Recreational – 1 – 4,599
Good progression since returning to ParkRun on 4th May.

Our Chalk Guy has been in action once again with some great topical artwork…

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