GNR Timeline

  • ParkRun #15

    ParkRun #15

    Another weekend where Matty the PT was going to join me at ParkRun but was unable to as he had to work at Ribby Hall. I think his next opportunity to join me will be on the 29th June, Fingers crossed! My Garmin is ready and raring to go – Course is set. Goal time…

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  • ParkRun #14

    ParkRun #14

    Ok, so today was supposed to be the day Matty, my Personal Trainer, was due to join me for the first time at ParkRun but he was unable to be there having worked too many hours yesterday. 🤣 He did have a very long busy day though, to be fair. He should be joining me…

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  • ParkRun #13

    ParkRun #13

    When I first started ParkRunning in October last year, my time was 57mins 39secs. I was just walking back then. By the end of the year my time had improved to 41mins 25secs as I had managed to increase my pace and include some running, although still not running through full 5km. Then, on New…

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  • Week 45 – Update

    Week 45 – Update

    Day 315 End of Week Forty Five – 31 May Current weight – 69.9kg (11st) Target weight – 69.9kg (11st) – SMASHED IT! That’s a reduction of 36.4% of my starting body weight.Muscle Mass increased to 90.0% and fat mass reduced to 5.3%.Lean Mass increased to 94.7%. Well, it’s been a few weeks since my…

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  • ParkRun #12

    ParkRun #12

    Having returned to ParkRun on 4th May with a stonking PB, followed by another PB a week later and, after a week off due to a Jaguar event down south, the pressure was on for a hatrick of personal bests. I had set myself an optimistic run goal of 30 minutes. Up and about at…

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