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A selection of public comments by Coach Ken, mainly on JaguarForum, throwing his full support behind ny “journey” on my Road to Newcastle.


The biggest battle you ever had was in your head. The self limiting beliefs. Now you are turning them around, and in to self reaffirming beliefs. You’ve got this. You’re smashing it in the gym. Your diet is on point. You’re putting the time and effort in. Hard work pays off.

Injuries are just letting you know to slow down at certain things, or change your equipment (gait analysis!).

Remember that recovery is important, active recovery can be beneficial, but recovery means giving your body a rest and time to recover and grow.

You’ve got this.

Coach Ken, 21 January 2024

Mark is absolutely killing it. He is discovering a better version of himself every single day. That’s a better version physically, mentally, and emotionally.

His consistency and determination is absolutely incredible!

Coach Ken, 16 November 2023

First time I’ve seen you since July, there’s a lot less of you since I last saw you.

You’re putting the hard work in and it shows. Physically and mentally.

I’m really impressed and very proud of you.

I’m also happy to hear that you’ve gotten a barbell in your hands recently.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Progressive overload in the gym is so important.

Coach Ken, 6 November 2023

The next book for you to read is being delivered tomorrow. It’s called The Art of Resilience, by Ross Edgley.

Some of it will be very familiar from the first book you read, some of it will piece all of this together.

The main concept now is “getting wintered”. Acclimatising.

Epictetus said ‘We must undergo a hard winter training and not rush into things for which we haven’t prepared.’

Your training at the moment is broken down in to mesocycles.

The overall training view for the next 11 months is the macrocycle.

GPP, General Physical Preparedness, is the first mesocycle. This is what you’re doing, walking, jogging, lifting weights, basic movements building muscle.

You’ll move on to more specific training around February. Losing weight is imperative to reduce the stress on your joints. You will keep doing weights, but your running is going to be the focus of your weights. Legs, back, core, all to increase the work capacity.

The next mesocycle is to get you to your peak performance in time for GNR24. This is the phase of longer distance walk/run/jog.

The last mesocycle is the transition one. You’ll be back getting wintered after GNR24 and back into GPP.

Coach Ken, 14th October 2023

Good effort mate.

That’s 23.7% of a half marathon. The time isn’t important. Your goal is just to finish the half marathon. Nobody cares about time. You’re not going to be setting any records apart from your own PB. Time spent training, this is what will get you through injury free.

The next book for you to read is being delivered tomorrow. It’s called The Art of Resilience, by Ross Edgley.

Coach Ken, 14th October 2023

This is amazing work. I’m quite keen for you to get going with the gym programme. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits. As you find your way around the gym, gain a bit of confidence and knowledge in different movements, we can programme some unilateral movements in. This will help your core, and this will have a massive effect on your lower back and various stabilising muscles. This will then mean we can go a bit heavier on the big lifts. You’re going to hate and love it. Your rest days will become active recovery days.

You’ll then need to start eating to train, not eating to lose weight. Eating to train will mean weight loss, but you’ll retain and build muscle.

If you don’t enjoy the weights or the programme then we will change it up. PPL is a good start, you’ll be learning compound and isolation movements. I want you to stick at it. Religiously. For 3 months. Then let’s have some feedback and see what we need to change, if anything.

You’ve got this. Thanks for taking me on this journey with you.

Coach Ken, 8th September 2023

You can have all the knowledge and support, but if you don’t put the effort in you won’t see results.

This is all you.

You have got this.

You are doing it.

You are getting results. See, it’s you.

Pleased for you buddy.

Coach Ken, 6 September 2023

This is where the fun starts Mark. This is where the fun starts!

Coach Ken, 6 September 2023

Don’t worry Mark, you’ll achieve your goals.

Trust me on this, you’re making new habits every single day. You’re reinforcing good habits and getting rid of the bad ones.

Consistency is all that matters. Consistently show up. Consistently make better choices. Your mindset and lifestyle doesn’t change overnight.

Bad days don’t make a bad week. Adjust the rest of the week to compensate for a bad day.

Progress isn’t always going to be this easy. When you hit a plateau, you adjust and reset, and find the sweet spot again.

You’ve got this.

Coach Ken. 14 August 2023
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