Another Saturday and another ParkRun, my seventh in eight weeks and five personal bests since the beginning of May. Last week saw me achieve another landmark PB and getting below 29 mins for the first time. I went into this ParkRun with high expectations.

Once again my Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) was very aware it had work to do, tracking my performance over the 5km of the Stanley Park route.

As I approached the Clock Tower it became quite apparent that there were significantly more runners than usual. It turned out that the nearby Lytham ParkRun was cancelled and so many had travelled a few extra miles to join us at Stanley Park. And at 9.05am the 307th Blackpool ParkRun 352 eager participants were under starters orders and sent on our congested way.

As in recent weeks, I started from nearer the front but still found myself caught up in unavoidable “traffic” and not just in the woodland section but through the starting straight and corner too. Once in the woods there was little point trying to overtake as everyone was in the same boat or, should I say, “train”.

My Garmin GPS Heat Maps are heating up week on week.

Anyway, it was a good steady run. As with all recent runs since my return eight weeks ago it was another full run. A personal best?

No PB this time.

30mins 9secs… just 73 secs off my previous best which I set last week.

My Garmin watch records a plethora of performance metrics.

Pace was heavily affected by the congestion on the first lap. Heart rate is looking good and my Stamina levels are excellent and showing that I have a lot more to give once I reach the end of the 5K.

One of the most interesting metrics relating to my training is my Endurance Score – which has increased to 5332 with today’s performance. That gives me a rating of ‘Trained’.

  • Elite – 7,300 and above
  • Superior – 6,800 – 7,299
  • Expert – 6,200 – 6,799
  • Well-trained – 5,700 – 6,199
  • Trained – 5,100 – 5,699
  • Intermediate – 4,600 – 5,099
  • Recreational – 1 – 4,599

Our Chalk Guy has been in action once again with some great topical artwork…

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