29 March 2024

Back on Friday 21st July 2023 I started my “fitness reboot” with a starting weight of 109.9kg (17st 4.3lb). A few weeks later I set some goals to try and reach. One of them was to drop to 100kg by the end of September 2023, and another was to reach 70kg by the end of April 2024.

I reached 100kg by early September but Coach Ken suggested reaching 70kg by April 2024 might be a bit ‘optimistic’ and I should perhaps look at pushing that back to later in 2024. But the weight kept dropping consistently.

So, exactly Eight Months and Eight Days since starting my “fitness reboot” on Friday 21st July 2023 – a month ahead of my original target – I reached 70kg (11st) with a total weight loss of 40kg (6st 4lb / 88lb) which is 36.6% of my starting body weight.

Holding the 20kg weights was a real eye opener. I can’t believe that I used to carry that amount of weight around with me – ALL the time!

My weight will drop a little bit more as I transition to maintaining and continue my seven day a week gym programme which now includes four weight and body building training days with my personal trainer Matty Schmid, along with my solo sessions including rowing machine and treadmill. It most likely will rise a little bit as I continue to build the muscle on the lean frame I’ve now created.

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