Day 112

End of Week Sixteen – 10 November
2kg (4.4 lbs) weight loss

Total weight loss, to date
21.2kg (46.7 lbs / 3st 4.7lbs)

Which is a loss of 19.3% of my starting body weight.

And another consistent successful week.

Last Friday was an early start in the gym before driving down to Banbury to meet up with Coach Ken for our first catch-up since I started my fitness reboot, loads of chat, and a great dinner at Miller and Carter’s steakhouse!

It was a week off from ParkRun, but I was back in the gym and on the treadmill on Sunday evening.

Tuesday’s lower body session with Matty the PT was going well… first time learning barbell squats and Romanian deadlift. First time doing weighted lunges on the sled track. Then ending up with the dreaded prowler push (track runs full length down the middle of the gym). It is a great exercise but it does wipe me out. On my fourth and final push, I was about half way and I felt my right calf twang. I stopped instantly. We did some exercises there and then to try and counter the effects. For the remainder of the session I had quite a bad limp 🙂

I rested the leg on Wednesday and returned to the gym for my personal trainer session on Thursday evening. Calf was still a bit sore but this was an upper body session and time to get to grips with bench press. It will take time to conquer the barbell but as my strength increases so will my ability. The session also included press-ups, SkiERG, TRX row, cable row, lat pull down, shoulder press, bicep curls and core exercises.

I was back on the treadmill this morning for a steady 60 minute session.

Muscle Mass has increased to 72.4% with Fat Mass dropping to 23.8%

Body Composition

Key metrics (muscle mass, fat mass, lean mass, visceral fat index and water mass) all continue to track in the right direction.

Segmental Body Composition

A new graphic (well I don’t think I’ve shown this before). Interesting to track this weekly. It does scan down to individual limbs too.

Gym Activity

  • 4 Treadmill sessions
  • 2 Matty the PT sessions
  • 6 Saunas
  • 12 Cold showers

Back to ParkRun tomorrow. It will be my fourth. Hoping to beat my PB from two weeks ago!

And I’ve finally finished the first book (The World’s Fittest Book by Ross Edgley) on my reading list, provided by Coach Ken and tonight I start book #2 – The Art of Resilience by Ross Edgley. Strategies for an unbreakable mind and body.

The Road to Newcastle continues…

I’ve Got This!


End of Week One (28th July 2023)…
1.9 kg
 (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Two (4th August 2023)…
1.3 kg 
(3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Three (11th August)
1.4kg (3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Four – 18th August
0.5kg (1 lb) weight loss

End of Week Five – 25th August
2.6kg (6 lb) weight loss

End of Week Six – 1st September
0.9kg (2 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Seven – 8th September
1.8kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Eight – 15th September
+0.1kg (+0.2 lbs) weight gain

End of Week Nine – 22nd September
1.7kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Ten – 29th September
1.9kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Eleven – 6th October
1.3kg (3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Twelve – 13th October
0.9kg (2 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Thirteen – 20th October
1.8kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Fourteen – 27th October
0.9kg (2 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Fifteen – 3 November
0.5kg (1 lb) weight loss

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