OK, so if you didn’t already know… I like my cars, more specifically I like my Jaguar cars.

That’s actually how I first met Coach Ken. I organised a Jaguar event over at the National Space Centre, Leicester, and one of my guests invited Ken to join us for dinner at the hotel.

This is what Ken came up with to describe weight loss in terms a petrol head would understand.


This is your engine running too rich


This is your engine running too lean


This is your engine running at the perfect air fuel ratio

When calories are running at a slight deficit. This is your car in eco mode.

Macros is using Shell V Power instead of regular fuel. It helps but not as much as getting the calories right.

We can also add weight in the boot of your car. Your trunk. Which causes you to use more fuel.

A person of higher weight needs more calories to maintain that weight.

Lose the weight, less calories needed. Same with the car.

The key to weight loss is a healthy Calorie Deficit, just not too big a deficit. It’s not sustainable and not good for your engine.

Building work capacity with a bit of general physical preparedness (GPP) will take your engine from being a 1.0 4 pot to a 4.0 V8.

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