Day 56

End of Week Eight – 15th September
+0.1kg (+0.2 lbs) weight gain

Total weight loss, to date
10.3kg (23 lbs)

So, a tiny weight gain this week of 0.1kg as I move into a new phase of this fitness reboot. Merely losing weight was just the start.

Having now completed nine gym sessions in ten days, there is a clear trend of increased muscle mass – which has accelerated three fold over the past week compared with previous weeks. Whilst weight loss is still a goal, it is now combined with muscle gain.

So I’ll be tracking body mass metrics more closely, along with weekly measurements of key body parts… chest, waist, biceps, quads, etc.

Following quite a gruelling 60 minute session at 0815 this morning, Matty the PT has given me the weekend off. I’m off to my parents so that works out well.

Eight Week Trajectory, plotting weekly average. (graduations every 4kg)
Lean Mass trajectory
Body composition


End of Week One (28th July 2023)…
1.9 kg
 (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Two (4th August 2023)…
1.3 kg 
(3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Three (11th August)
1.4kg (3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Four – 18th August
0.5kg (1 lb) weight loss

End of Week Five – 25th August
2.6kg (6 lb) weight loss

End of Week Six – 1st September
0.9kg (2 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Seven – 8th September
1.8kg (4 lbs) weight loss

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