Day 252

End of Week Thirty Six – 29 March
0.3kg (0.7lb) weight loss

Total weight loss, to date
39.9kg (88.0lb / 6st 4lb)

Current weight – 70.0kg (11st 0.1lb)

Target weight – 69.9kg (11st)
0.1kg (0.1lb) to reach target

That’s a reduction of 36.3% of my starting body weight.
Muscle Mass increased to 86.4% and fat mass reduced to 9.0%.
Lean Mass increased to 91.0%.

I think we can safely say that I’ve now reached my target weight.

I remember setting out my list of goals with Coach Ken in August last year, around Week 3. A couple of them were:

  • Get to 100kg (targeted for end of September)
  • Get to 70kg by April 2024 (ahead of my Jaguars Scurry Around Surrey event)

Well, I smashed them, and to be honest I smashed all the other goals too. I reached the 100kg target during Week 7 during the first week of September.

Ken did suggest I should perhaps re-adjust my expectations in terms of reaching my target weight in such a short space of time but my adherence to the plan and my consistency meant that the weight just kept dropping off and I reached my target ahead of schedule too!

Ken once said “This is where the fun starts” in reference to me joining the gym. Well, I think now is where the real fun starts. Maintaining weight, building muscle, building the body.

A busy day starting off with a 7.30am training session at Ribby Hall with Matt. PULL DAY – Barbell row, seated row, face pull/bicep curl, TRX row/lat pull down, seated abdominal curl. A quick sauna followed and then it was off for a hair cut with Matt the Barber at Parlour Male Grooming, Kirkham.

Then, time to finish off packing before heading off to the train station to start my week long holiday.

An early night at the Manchester Airport Premier Inn, and an early morning shuttle to the airport to catch my 7.20am flight to Antalya, TΓΌrkiye.

Arrived in Antalya at 2.20pm local time (GMT +3) to blue skies and sunshine. Lovely. By 4.00pm I was checked into my hotel – Adonis Hotel – and sitting on my balcony soaking up my first taste of Turkish Sun.

I did check out the Fitness Room – not great – but had enough for me to be able to get a daily workout using dumbbels and exercise mats.

Dinner time and a visit to the restaurant. I had packed quite a lot of clothes for just a six day holiday but 1) I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like and 2) I had a lot of nice new ‘slim’ gear that I wanted to wear.

Dressed in Calvin Klein and 883 Police

I think I had some beef stew, with some mashed potato and rice. Not entirely sure. It was ok but the food wasn’t worth breaking my routine, even on holiday. At the end of the day, the holiday was about some winter sun and some relaxation. A pat on the back to myself.

Breakfast – yes, I did eat in the restaurant. Unfortunately the food wasn’t really that good.

No problem though as I had packed everything I needed for a week away. Protein Works Meal Replacement shakes, Breakfast shakes, Micellar Casein, Super Greens Extreme, Creatine Monohydrate. Plus a supply of Grenade Protein Bars and Flapjacks, and MyProtein Baked Cookies, Crisps and Flapjacks. All I needed to survive was to source a steady supply of bottled water.

Then I headed into the Fitness Room and did a 40 minute workout involving weighted lunges, shoulder press, bicep curls and core exercises including press-ups, planks, scissor kicks, flutter kicks, leg raises and crunches.

Whilst the Fitness Room was disappointing – equipment which was in photos had been removed and you could still see the marks on the floor where it used to be – the Spa, it was based in, was excellent with a relaxing vibe, steam room and huge sauna. I had these facilities more or less to myself for the entire week!

My room had a sea view balcony and the most beautiful view. The sun would hit the balcony by 12 noon and stay on it until sunset at around 7pm. So that’s where I was to be every afternoon. Ear buds in, Spotify holiday playlist on. Perfect.

Dinner time and I only visited the restaurant to get some fruit to have following my Protein Shake which was consumed in the pleasant surroundings of the Lobby Bar.

See above… except no restaurant breakfast, apart from popping in for some fruit.

The only food consumed from the restaurant now would be apples and oranges. My stash of protein shakes and fridge filled with protein bars and snacks would see me through my entire stay.

An afternoon on the balcony in the sun, ear buds in listening to The Ultimate Holiday playlist on Spotify, watching the boats sail by. Bliss!

The sountrack to my holiday

Ok, a day like the previous one with one exception – I had booked myself in for a Turkish Bath and Massage in the Spa.

10.30am and I was greeted by Lilly who proceeded to scrub me down from head to toe with what I can only describe as sandpaper. Whatever had been scrubbed off was washed away and followed with a mountain of soap suds. More scrubbing, hair washed and I was eventually rinsed off and dried off.

Then it was time for the massage in one of the darkened scented rooms.

A very relaxing morning in the spa and ready for the afternoon ahead on my balcony looking out over the Med, watching the snow melt on the mountain peaks.

I awoke at 4.50am thinking it was unusually light outside considering sunrise was until 6.53am. It was a full moon and so, ofcourse, I had to nip out on the balcony and take a photo!

Usual morning routine of gym and spa before heading out onto the balcony for the afternoon.

Today was a bit cloudy but still nice enough. I took the opportunity to get most of my packing done as I’d be checking out at 6pm the next day and Tuesday’s forecast was to be the hottest day of my visit so I wanted to maximise my balcony time.

Dinner time and time to head down to the Lobby Bar for the evening.

Every Monday is Motivational Monday and being 2500 miles away in TΓΌrkiye was no excuse to skip it this week.

Focus On Yourself
My final Antalya sunrise

Again, a visit to the gym and the spa and back on my balcony at lunchtime. I would never get bored of the view.

Final day looking out over the Mediterranean

6.00pm came along way too soon. I checked out and waited in the Lobby for my driver to take me to the airport. He was about 30 minutes early which meant I was at Antalya International Airport by 6.50pm a full three hours before we were due to leave Turkish ground.

Security at the airport was significant. So many more checks than we have in UK airports.

We took off more or less on schedule and arrived at Mancehster about 15 minutes ahead of time at 11:35pm. Another overnighter at the Premier Inn.

Manchester… not quite the view I’ve been used to waking up to

Catching the 10.17am train back to Poulton, where my best mate was waiting to drive me back home, arriving home at 12 noon.

Unpacking, washing etc in the afternoon ahead of a 6pm training session at JD with Matt – PUSH Day – Bench press, chest press, etc.

Now well and truly back into the routine. A training session, again at JD, at 4.30pm – LEG Day: Barbell squat (40kg, 50kg, 52.5kg), prowler push/press up superset, weighted lunges, leg curl, leg extensions, hyperextensions

No classes at JD this morning due to it being a bank holiday. But a 10am training session at Ribby Hall with Matt – PULL Day: Treadmill (warm-up), Barbell row (12x40kg, 12x50kg, 10x55kg), seated cable row, lat pull down, seated row, assisted pull ups, SkiErg/kettlebell deadlift superset.

Weigh day and the day my target was reached!

That’s 40kg of weight loss… pictured holding 20kg weights in each hand. I don’t know how I carried all that weight around with me. 40kg weighs quite a lot! πŸ™‚

A sunbed top-up (it’s been three days without sun!!) and an evening 5K rowing session at JD followed by bicep curls and a sauna.

Gym Activity

  • 0 Treadmill sessions
  • 1 Rowing Machine sessions
  • 0 Bike sessions
  • 4 Matty the PT sessions
  • 0 Gym Classes

The Road to Newcastle continues…

I’ve Got This!


Middle of Week Thirty Five – 20 March
0.9kg (2.0lb) weight loss

End of Week Thirty Three – 8 March
1.1kg (2.4lb) weight loss

End of Week Thirty Two – 1 March
0.3kg (0.7lb) weight loss

End of Week Thirty One – 23 February
1.3kg (2.9lb) weight loss

End of Week Thirty – 16 February
0.8kg (1.8lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Nine – 9 February
1.1kg (2.4lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Eight – 2 February
0.9kg (2lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Seven – 26 January
2.6kg (5.7lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Six – 19 January
1.6kg (3.5lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Five – 12 January
0.6kg (1.3lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Four – 5 January
0.7kg (1.5lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Three – 29 December
0.2kg (0.4lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty Two – 22 December
0.1kg (0.2lb) weight loss

End of Week Twenty One – 15 December
1.3kg (2.9 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Twenty – 8 December
1.4kg (3.1 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Nineteen – 1 December
1.1kg (2.4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Eighteen – 24 November
0.4kg (0.9 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Seventeen – 17 November
2kg (4.4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Sixteen – 10 November
2kg (4.4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Fifteen – 3 November
0.5kg (1 lb) weight loss

End of Week Fourteen – 27th October
0.9kg (2 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Thirteen – 20th October
1.8kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Twelve – 13th October
0.9kg (2 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Eleven – 6th October
1.3kg (3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Ten – 29th September
1.9kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Nine – 22nd September
1.7kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Eight – 15th September
+0.1kg (+0.2 lbs) weight gain

End of Week Seven – 8th September
1.8kg (4 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Six – 1st September
0.9kg (2 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Five – 25th August
2.6kg (6 lb) weight loss

End of Week Four – 18th August
0.5kg (1 lb) weight loss

End of Week Three (11th August)
1.4kg (3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week Two (4th August 2023)…
1.3 kg 
(3 lbs) weight loss

End of Week One (28th July 2023)…
1.9 kg
 (4 lbs) weight loss

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