So, after a great weekend down in Warwickshire (and Oxfordshire) it’s a new week, and a new phase of my “fitness reboot” is about to start. I’ll call this my “scary phase”.

I don’t think I’d be going down this particular road if it wasn’t for one person giving me a friendly nudge, thanks Ken. We talked about my goals, he talked about the gym. I said I wouldn’t join a gym. He told me to “get over it”… and I still said no. I slept on it, got over it and waited a few weeks until I felt I would be ready. Do I feel ready now? No! I am, however, in a healthier position than I was 6 weeks ago, and that was the reason for waiting.

So now it’s time for this to start getting serious. Twenty four hours from now I’ll be putting on my new white shorts, tying up the laces on my new Nike Air Max trainers and preparing to be inducted into the World of the Gym Bunnies. I have, after all, eaten a lot of salad recently 

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