So that big step today… I finally crossed the threshold and into the mysterious world of the Gym. I’ve always walked past them – no clue what goes on behind the darkened windows, much like betting shops 

Dressed and ready to go, I arrived at my first choice to fill in forms ahead of the induction to find that they don’t have fitness trainers. A bit of a stumbling block. I decided to leave at that point and onto my second choice. It was originally my first choice but a friend thought the other would be a better “fit”.

So, a friendly guy (Brandon, turns out he was one of the managers) greeted me at the entrance to JD Gyms and proceeded to give me the full tour of the facilities, the equipment, the studios, the changing rooms, etc. Impressive. And yes, they have personal trainers. I just had to choose one to work with.

I signed up, and now have access to all the JD Gyms nationwide. With my choice now made I’m meeting my PT for the first time tomorrow evening.

Any nerves, any apprehension about today have evaporated into thin air.

This is where the fun starts Mark. This is where the fun starts!

Coach Ken, 6 September 2023
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