My friends on have been following my weight loss journey for some time. Recent tongue-in-cheek comments have included:

“At this rate Mark is going to be doing the London Marathon next year”
“Too far away? Ok then Great North Run then lol”

Well… It’s happening! It’s confirmed!

“Congratulations, you’ve got a place with #TeamBowelCancer in the Great North Run. Give yourself a high five to celebrate. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Finished? Good. Because now there’s work to do!”

Having already checked with Charlie on Bowel Cancer UK’s Events Team, I already knew that applications to sign up with them for the Great North Run 2024 were opening on the 8th September.

I checked a couple of times during the morning and eventually found the link to the sign up page was live! Wasting no time, I filled in my details and paid the entry fee.

Exactly One Year To Prepare!

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