Back again at Stanley Park for ParkRun Blackpool #276… my fifth ParkRun in six weeks.

The weather forecast was pretty rubbish for 9am, but luckily the rain moved east an hour or two earlier so we had a soggy route through the park but no rain.

Chalk Guy was able to mark the occasion in his usual style.

And, once the formalities were out of the way, we were off. The same 2 laps of Stanley Park, through the muddy woodlands and around the lake.

5km, 3.1 miles, later… and a personal best, and that’s despite still having a temperamental calf muscle in my right leg.

1 minute 54 seconds quicker than my previous PB on ParkRun #3. A whopping 5 mins 53 secs quicker than my first ParkRun on 14 October.

I’m now enjoying ParkRun… I’m now looking forward to Saturday mornings.

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