ParkRun…Yes, it really did happen, again!

Some time ago Coach Ken sent me a PPL (push pull leg) workout plan for my gym work with gym exercise scheduled every day of the week except for Saturday.

Nope, Saturday was not to be a “day off”… it simply said…

… and so, last week, I did “get over it”.

Having put a time on my ParkRun profile this week was all about beating it. I am only “racing” myself, at this stage!

So, I arrive at Stanley Park at 0845. Weather is pretty decent.

And with that, shortly after 0900, we were off on our way. Two laps around the park, 5km. My legs felt tired, I had been pushing myself harder in the gym this week, longer treadmill sessions and more weights during PT sessions.

So, it was a nice surprise to see that I had indeed beaten last week’s time, by quite a decent margin… 2 mins 28 secs quicker. My first Personal Best!

That’ll do!

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