Although my key metrics are taken on Fridays, I do weigh in daily which gives me muscle/fat/water mass, lean mass, visceral fat, pulse wave velocity, vascular age, nerve health, etc as well as weight…

It’s only Monday and I’ve already seen some great results this week.

Day 108 and Milestones galore… let’s call it Milestone Monday 

  • I’ve reached my 20kg goal
  • I’ve reached 14st
  • I’m now below 90kg

I’ve been setting goals in the Nutracheck app in 10kg chunks. First 10kg went on Day 53 (12th September), and here we are just 55 days later as the second 10kg goal has been reached!

Goal now reset and my app is targeted to reach 30kg weight loss by 19th January. I suspect I might get there sooner.

Actual weight loss, as of this morning, 20.8kg (3st 3.9lbs). That’s 1.6kg (3.5lbs) since Friday. Now weighing in at 89.1kg (14st 0.4lbs – let’s call that 14st).

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