Matty had identified that I had very tight hamstrings that were restricting mobility, basically reducing my flexibility. We did a few exercises to help stretch them but some deep tissue massage would be beneficial.

With the help of Google I found Andy Tamaddon of Muscleworks Therapy, in Thornton-Cleveleys.

Today was my first ever deep tissue massage and Andy would be concentrating on my legs (carves, quads and hamstrings). I got onto the massage table and very quickly worked out that this wasn’t going to be the time to relax 🤣

Andy kindly suggested that I was welcome to moan, groan, scream, shout and swear throughout the session. 55 minutes with hands, thumbs, elbows poking, digging, stretching every muscle in my legs and it was finally over.

As I slowly sat up and stepped off the table things did feel good. Relief that the torture was over perhaps? But walking back to the car felt great.

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